Count on Brenneman Filing for solutions that maximize your storage space productivity. Our dedicated sales, installation and service staff set us apart from the competition. If you have storage needs, we can help -  with shelving, active file equipment, inactive records storage, high density mobiles, computerized file tracking, digital storage, file folders, colour coding, and more...

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New Ordering Process
Fri, Apr 24th, 2015
For all supply orders, please use:
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Brenneman Filing supplied all the "collections" area shelving, mobiles and speciality racks. Highlights include a new Art Rack Design by Spacefile. Special thanks to Sharon Jansen (Major Account Rep) and Jerry Duarte (Installation Team Leader).
Welcome to Brenneman Filing Systems

Brenneman Filing Systems has always been true to its original concept; an independent service company specializing in filing and storage. Service is key to our company. From the small family business to the large corporate conglomerate, we treat every customer as importantly as the next. From initial consult to final installation and customer training, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience for their project. This website represents only a few of the products and the services we offer.

For more information, please contact us for a personal consultation. Contact information is listed on the “Contact Us” tab on the menu above.

Why use Brenneman Filing Systems: to save space, maximize storage capacity, cut costs, make room for people, accommodate growth, consolidate operations, avoid moving, improve workflow and productivity, reduce supply inventories, prevent misfiles, control unauthorized access and pilferage, and eliminate clutter.

From small and large static systems to small mobile systems, larger central systems and massive systems for bulk storage - let us custom-make a system for you to fit every situation.

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