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Get Quality Shelving and Storage for Your Unique Space

At Brenneman Filing Systems in Waterloo, we carry a wide range of storage structures to fit the size and needs of your business. We invite you to view our storage options listed below.

Trim-Line Shelving by E-Z Rect Canada


Trim-Line boltless shelving is esthetically appealing, rigid, easy to install and cost effective. Only a hammer and a screwdriver are required for installation. The shelves are adjustable on 1 inch centers and are made of either particle board or painted steel.

Trim-Line Shelving suits everything from the garage to the prestige office building. From 12 to 36 inches deep and 24 to 72 inches wide and 48 to 144 inches tall, these shelves are very versatile.

Looking for inexpensive storage for archive boxes? Trim-Line has specially designed shelf components that virtually eliminate dead shelf space commonly found on conventional shelving.

Type 1 Shelving by E-Z Rect Canada

Boltless in design, this heavy-duty shelving features shelves from 12 to 48 inches deep and 24 to 96 inches wide. Standard heights range from 36 to 228 inches tall. Shelves can be made from particle board, full steel shelf panels as well as sectional shelves for the larger sizes.

Galvanized shelves are also available. Type 1 can be incorporated with catwalk components, decking/planks and stairs to allow for two and three level warehouse systems. Type 1 shelving is also excellent for reclaiming storage space over automobiles in garages.

S-Line Shelving by Spacefile

Boltless shelving with standard sizes from 24 x 12 up to 60 x 36. Custom sizes are available at a nominal surcharge. Can be used along with Spacefile LT shelving to best suit your storage needs. Solid steel, air vent steel or particle board shelves are available.

Super 1/2/3 by Metalsistem

Looking for fully galvanized shelving? Then Super 1/2/3 offers a high sheen galvanized finish this boltless product is an economic cost alternative to stainless steel shelving.

Metro Wire Shelving

A broad variety of sizes are available in this 1 inch adjustable and easy to erect shelving. Only 4 posts and shelves are the components required to make this unit.

Besides stainless and chrome, many colours are available that are esthetically appealing for retail stores or high profile installations.

Metro Wire Shelving also makes an excellent computer workstation and computer LAN rack.

Mezzanine and Catwalks

Trying to gain back the vertical space in your warehouse? Let us show you how E-Z Rect Type 1 shelving or Metalsistems Super 1/2/3 or 4/5/6 can provide you up to three levels of storage.

Archive File Box Storage Addresses Health & Safety Concerns

If you don't feel comfortable with your staff pulling heavy archive boxes off shelving to access the contents, pull out shelves to allow easy access to your vital records. Cabinets can be made up to 7 levels high in only 93 inches of vertical space.

Heavy-Duty Racking

If you require pallet racking or cantilever racking, Metalsistems can be used to safely store or display material. Call today and we’ll give you a free quote.

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