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Learn About Our History of On-Site Storage in the Region of Waterloo and all Ontario locations

Brenneman Filing Systems was founded in 1971 by Larry Brenneman. In later years, two other companies were formed alongside Brenneman Filing Systems: The Records Retention Centre (providing off-site storage) and Shredco (a document shredding company). These two companies were later sold in 1989 and Brenneman Filing Systems returned to its roots of equipment and supplies for on-site storage use. In 2005, Brenneman Filing Systems was sold to Dan Weaver - an employee who had been with the company for 12 years.

Brenneman Filing Systems Ltd. resided in the city of Kitchener until 1989 when the business moved to the north end of Waterloo. South Western Ontario is the main area of coverage; however, our custom systems are sold throughout Canada.

Backed by a comprehensive showroom, well stocked warehouse, broad supplier base and service minded staff, Brenneman Filing Systems has always been true to its original concept; an independent service company specializing in filing and storage. Call us today to get your custom filing and storage system!

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