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Browse Our Custom Filing Cabinet Solutions Made to Fit Your Business

At Brenneman Filing Systems in Waterloo, we carry a series of filing structures to fit your business model. We invite you to view our range of custom filing options listed below.

ThinLine by Spacefile

ThinLine Modular Shelf Filing Cabinets are typically used for standard end tab filing folders and legal filing systems. The modular design allows cabinets to be from one to ten tiers high in standard widths of 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches.

Due to the 1/8 inches thick steel shelf supported by welded file supports, there is normally 14% to 18% more file capacity in a ThinLine shelf filing cabinet compared to any other cabinet on the market. The 1/8 inches thick shelf also makes the ThinLine cabinet the shortest cabinet in the industry. With other cabinets measuring 76-1/4 inches for a standard seven level cabinet, the ThinLine cabinet measures in at 72 inches high.

The ThinLine cabinets are available open, with individual doors or with a tambour security shade in eight standard colours. Reference shelves are available. A wide spectrum of components allows for multimedia housing and customization to specific product storage requirements.

LT Shelving by Spacefile

Spacefile's LT shelving offers exceptional strength and durability for a variety of storage applications. This shelving incorporates both "L" & "T" shaped uprights allowing for a variety of shelving configurations.

Interlocking key-hole uprights combined with double rivet shelf supports are designed to offer maximum strength and durability with exceptional versatility.

We offer single and double entry units and starter and add-on units to allow for maximum filing and storage. A multitude of upright heights are available as well as standard units measuring 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches wide.

HON Lateral and Vertical Files

HON cabinets carry a lifetime warranty. The HON Company’s focus on unsurpassed customer satisfaction includes providing practical and professional office solutions to consumers. These qualities make them the best choice for conventional filing.

EZ 2 Rotary Files


The rotary systems spin to expose two sides of filing or storage materials for easy access from either side of the equipment. A 90 degree turn closes the units utilizing the ends to act as external doors. One lock secures both sides.

Various heights, depths and a host of flexible internal components give the EZ 2 Rotary Files a true multi-media touch.

A rotary file can act as a wall separation between two offices or two departments where both parties may require access to the same information or storage materials.

Custom Filing Solutions

Let our consultants work with you to develop your custom filing solution. Please contact us for further information and cabinet literature.

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