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A tidy space translates to a steady workflow. Get the most out of your business with expert storage solutions.

Get Your Office Space Organized with Storage Systems in the Region of Waterloo and all Ontario locations

At Brenneman Filing Systems in Waterloo, we remain true to our original concept: an independent company that specializes in filing and storing for big and small corporations. Excellent customer service is the core of our company’s values. From the initial consult to the final installation and customer training, our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience for your project.

Why You Should Use Brenneman Filing Systems

For offices, medical practices, law firms, accountants and municipalities, organizing your space is essential for eliminating clutter while creating a steady work flow. But there’s a list of other reasons why appropriate storage is right for your business. Our filing systems help you to:

  • Save space
  • Maximize storage capacity
  • Cut costs
  • Accommodate growth
  • Consolidate operations
  • Avoid moving
  • Improve workflow and productivity
  • Reduce supply inventories
  • Prevent misfiles
  • Control unauthorized access and pilferage

From large static systems for bulk storage to small mobile systems, we can custom make a storage system for anyone with an influx of records. For more information, please contact us for a personal consultation.

Our Products

Get everything from full mechanical storage mobiles to colour coded labels. We have it all at once place.

Our Services

From off-site storage to storage system repairs, we are with you from the initial consultation to training.

Our Projects

Browse our gallery of innovative projects and pre-built units. We have storage solutions for everyone.

Our Custom Designs

No two properties are created equally. Get your custom storage unit to suit your unique space.

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